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## Threads and coroutines
*(I've just begun working on this, so many things do not apply yet)*
Libcubescript aims to provide a degree of thread safety by introducing a concept
of threads itself. A `CsState` essentially represents a thread - it contains a
pointer to CubeScript global state plus any sort of local state and a call/alias
stack. The main thread (i.e. the state created without any arguments) also owns
the globals; child states (threads) merely point to them.
Thus, by creating a child state (thread) you get access to all globals (which
is thread safe in the implementation) but you also get your own call/alias stack,
error buffer and other things that would otherwise be unsafe to access. Thus,
if you need to call into a single CubeScript from multiple threads, you simply
create a main state within your main program thread and a child state per each
spawned thread you want to use CubeScript from. Since they're isolated, there
is no problem - and libcubescript can remain almost entirely lockless.
Coroutines are a related concept in this case. We will reuse CubeScript threads
for them - merely extending them with a way to save the current execution state
and restore it later. The language itself (or rather, its standard library) will
be extended with new commands to resume and yield coroutines, as well as the
appropriate type extensions.
*(In progress)*
Libcubescript supports integration with coroutines and threads by providing a
concept of threads itself. You can create a thread (child state) using the
main state and it will share global data with the main state, but it also
has its own call stack.
The "global" state is thread safe, allowing concurrent access from multiple
threads. The "local" state can be yielded as a part of the coroutine without
affecting any other threads.
This functionality is not exposed into the language itself, but it can be
utilized in the outside native code.
## Building and usage