348 Commits (master)

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  Daniel Kolesa 7f74602b7e add convenience constructors and assignment ops to any_value 10 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa 1c56ea36ff remove save_val 10 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa 9437e0951b eliminate type separation between IVAR/FVAR/SVAR 12 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa 6218adb78a remove public type specializations for vars 12 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa 6fede13b97 remove set_value() specialization per-vartype 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa fa5e38afad remove the call() specializations per-vartype 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 6a892b4b2c move set_raw_value to builtin_var 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 74f437f851 s/global_var/builtin_var/ 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 139ead5d72 fold BC_INST_IVAR/FVAR/SVAR into one instruction 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa a57072fb73 use any_value for var storage and return it from value() 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 344bba07f3 remove is_ helpers for ident types (except is_var) 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa bd1e7825d8 be consistent with usage of get_/set_ prefixes 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 03325af1e6 pass old and new values to var_changed 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 7febb8f5b1 remove internal_error 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 5b54c74f2a remove call() methods from state 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 4dd1518f6c s/run/call/ 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa 9c14e6ca65 rename r type to v 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa 5d4bcaf797 use an ellipsis for variadics instead of V 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa e14d5c4aa3 remove automatic concatenating variadics 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa e52720ebb2 rename N in arglist to # 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa da7548664c remove b and F arg types + renames + set default args to none 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa a9afa89af6 rework API for by-name lookups/assignments, simplify VM for that 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa 92281e88c1 remove state::get_alias(), make get_ident() return an optional 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa 43e6dc9341 remove get_ utilities from ident 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa f19fd57549 get rid of some more pointers in API 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa 3e8db1042a fix ivar and fvar lookup code 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa f4b8d077bb alias_local and get_ident() memory safety (always return refs) 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa e7578f7e17 document error, ident 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 84f6d1f0d6 make std::span user replaceable 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa a5003678da fix build with libc++, and try using it in CI with clang 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 5e9aefb52a disable mac and mingw cross CI builds for now 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 8114279816 fix warning with msvc 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 8207ef0ce3 use overloads for new var methods 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa b26bae3ec5 move standard library init outside state, make it never error 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa a2c50744da remove public state::destroy() 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa e644674724 hide internal_state from all public headers 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 3ed7b59d0b only store trivial types in any_value (manage strrefs manually) 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa d358dd83e7 halve the size of any_value by removing state pointer from it 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 7229672f56 clean up command call parsing 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 0ee0ebfb42 clean up the main parser path 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 51f09c3dfb clean up some more parser routines 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa a6426c60ee rewrite compilearg 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa e5cf9452f2 rewirte compileblockmain 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa eac137e3c8 rewrite compileblocksub 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa c4d39caa61 rewrite compilelookup 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 416c6ba8fb do not access parser state from error 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 83aa8bfd07 hide bcode pointers from public api 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 6d6a115d0c remove leftover junk 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa d2b53b174e move all codegen stuff, make instruction vector private 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Kolesa 05661662d2 more codegen conversions 3 weeks ago