An embeddable, thread-safe implementation of the cubescript language
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#include <cstdlib>
#include <string_view>
#include <type_traits>
#include <cubescript/cubescript.hh>
#include "cs_std.hh"
#include "cs_bcode.hh"
#include "cs_ident.hh"
#include "cs_thread.hh"
#include "cs_gen.hh"
namespace cubescript {
integer_type parse_int(std::string_view input, std::string_view *end = nullptr);
float_type parse_float(std::string_view input, std::string_view *end = nullptr);
bool is_valid_name(std::string_view input);
struct parser_state {
thread_state &ts;
gen_state &gs;
char const *source, *send;
std::size_t current_line;
parser_state() = delete;
parser_state(thread_state &tsr, gen_state &gsr):
ts{tsr}, gs{gsr}, source{}, send{}, current_line{1}
ts.current_line = &current_line;
~parser_state() {
ts.current_line = nullptr;
std::string_view get_str();
charbuf get_str_dup();
std::string_view get_word();
void parse_block(int ltype, int term = '\0');
void next_char() {
if (source == send) {
if (*source == '\n') {
char current(size_t ahead = 0) {
if (std::size_t(send - source) <= ahead) {
return '\0';
return source[ahead];
std::string_view read_macro_name();
char skip_until(std::string_view chars);
char skip_until(char cf);
void skip_comments();
void parse_lookup(int ltype);
bool parse_subblock();
void parse_blockarg(int ltype);
bool parse_arg(int ltype, charbuf *word = nullptr);
bool parse_call_command(command_impl *id, ident &self, int rettype);
bool parse_call_alias(alias &id);
bool parse_call_id(ident &id, int ltype);
bool parse_assign(charbuf &idname, int ltype, int term, bool &noass);
bool parse_id_local();
bool parse_id_do(bool args, int ltype);
bool parse_id_if(ident &id, int ltype);
bool parse_id_and_or(ident &id, int ltype);
} /* namespace cubescript */