An embeddable, thread-safe implementation of the cubescript language
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#include <cubescript/cubescript.hh>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "cs_bcode.hh"
#include "cs_ident.hh"
namespace cubescript {
struct internal_state;
struct string_pool;
template<typename T>
struct std_allocator {
using value_type = T;
inline std_allocator(internal_state *s);
template<typename U>
std_allocator(std_allocator<U> const &a): istate{a.istate} {}
inline T *allocate(std::size_t n);
inline void deallocate(T *p, std::size_t n);
template<typename U>
bool operator==(std_allocator<U> const &a) {
return istate == a.istate;
internal_state *istate;
struct internal_state {
using allocator_type = std_allocator<
std::pair<std::string_view const, ident *>
alloc_func allocf;
void *aptr;
std::string_view, ident *,
> idents;
std::vector<ident *, std_allocator<ident *>> identmap;
string_pool *strman;
empty_block *empty;
ident *id_dummy;
builtin_var *ivar_numargs;
builtin_var *ivar_dbgalias;
command *cmd_ivar;
command *cmd_fvar;
command *cmd_svar;
command *cmd_var_changed;
internal_state() = delete;
internal_state(alloc_func af, void *data);
ident *add_ident(ident *id, ident_impl *impl);
ident &new_ident(state &cs, std::string_view name, int flags);
ident *get_ident(std::string_view name) const;
void *alloc(void *ptr, size_t os, size_t ns);
template<typename T, typename ...A>
T *create(A &&...args) {
T *ret = static_cast<T *>(alloc(nullptr, 0, sizeof(T)));
new (ret) T(std::forward<A>(args)...);
return ret;
template<typename T>
T *create_array(size_t len) {
T *ret = static_cast<T *>(alloc(nullptr, 0, len * sizeof(T)));
for (size_t i = 0; i < len; ++i) {
new (&ret[i]) T();
return ret;
template<typename T>
void destroy(T *v) noexcept {
alloc(v, sizeof(T), 0);
template<typename T>
void destroy_array(T *v, size_t len) noexcept {
alloc(v, len * sizeof(T), 0);
struct state_p {
state_p(state &cs): csp{&cs} {}
thread_state &ts() { return *csp->p_tstate; }
state *csp;
template<typename T>
inline std_allocator<T>::std_allocator(internal_state *s): istate{s} {}
template<typename T>
inline T *std_allocator<T>::allocate(std::size_t n) {
return static_cast<T *>(istate->alloc(nullptr, 0, n * sizeof(T)));
template<typename T>
inline void std_allocator<T>::deallocate(T *p, std::size_t n) {
istate->alloc(p, n, 0);
template<typename F>
inline void new_cmd_quiet(
state &cs, std::string_view name, std::string_view args, F &&f
) {
try {
cs.new_command(name, args, std::forward<F>(f));
} catch (error const &) {
} /* namespace cubescript */