651 Commits (master)

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  Daniel Kolesa c4e311d71a fix msvc warning 9 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa c42e58b868 add initial test infrastructure 9 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa de4a0c65c7 update readme 16 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa 36bf0e368f drop readline support in repl 16 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa ad1c345401 reenable macos in CI 16 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa a5003678da fix build with libc++, and try using it in CI with clang 16 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa 5e9aefb52a disable mac and mingw cross CI builds for now 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 8bdb68b298 use gcc10 for linux, fix windows build script typo 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa f31a4f00f9 add CI infra 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 8114279816 fix warning with msvc 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 8207ef0ce3 use overloads for new var methods 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa b26bae3ec5 move standard library init outside state, make it never error 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa a2c50744da remove public state::destroy() 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa e644674724 hide internal_state from all public headers 1 day ago
  Daniel Kolesa 3ed7b59d0b only store trivial types in any_value (manage strrefs manually) 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa d358dd83e7 halve the size of any_value by removing state pointer from it 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 7229672f56 clean up command call parsing 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 0ee0ebfb42 clean up the main parser path 2 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 51f09c3dfb clean up some more parser routines 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa a6426c60ee rewrite compilearg 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa e5cf9452f2 rewirte compileblockmain 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa eac137e3c8 rewrite compileblocksub 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa c4d39caa61 rewrite compilelookup 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 416c6ba8fb do not access parser state from error 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 83aa8bfd07 hide bcode pointers from public api 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 6d6a115d0c remove leftover junk 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa d2b53b174e move all codegen stuff, make instruction vector private 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 05661662d2 more codegen conversions 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 63023f8c5e remove parser_state::gen_main 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 1bc94bf5af move some more codegen into proper place 3 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 295c905c32 more codegen utils 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 3790435c34 add more codegen utils 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 51da22be06 add ivar/fvar/svar lookup funcs in codegen 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa bac186a0c7 move compileblockstr/compileunescapestr logic into gen 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa c0fc1aa452 abstract away ugly bcode reference creation 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa dcd5f61748 fewer direct accesses to code vector 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa e5a05a3199 remove parser_state::done() 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 283f23394d add more codegen utilities 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 5f67b205df initial bits for separation of codegen from parser 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa ccb0c09d59 rename codegen_state to parser_state and move it 4 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 9a2de6ffd3 move include install logic outside src/ 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa f03407400c remove pic: true in the build 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 34959f44f3 support -Ddefault_library=both for windows 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa c09613c5ea fill in missing headers to install 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 3124f8a487 add a thingy in meson to guess c++ std 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa e254000f5f readme rewrite 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 2de2c9b46c remove get_raw_type from public interface 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa 4da0cb54a8 use format contants in default ivar/fvar/svar handlers 6 days ago
  Daniel Kolesa f93042d7b9 add more utility methods for string_ref 1 week ago
  Daniel Kolesa e531ab3434 clean up any_value APIs for consistency 1 week ago